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Information on OTC drugs, prescriptions and supplements recalled.

Not all recalls are made by the FDA some of the biggest recalls are voluntary; initiated by the manufacturer. When a product is defective or potentially harmful then the manufacturer or the FDA may initiate a recall to remove all of the affected products from the marketplace.
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FDA Recall Classifications

Class 1 Recalls by the FDA are serious with the product having a likely chance that using the product will cause serious health problems of chance of death.

Class 2 Recalls by the FDA cover products that may cause temporary or medical reversible health problems with the low possibility of serious health conditions.

Class 3 Recalls by the FDA cover product exposures with unlikely adverse health conditions.

If you’re using a product or a drug recalled by the manufacturer or the FDA, contact your doctor immediately about the proper course of medical care. Most stores will generally accept recalled OTC items back for a refund. If it is a prescribed drug then contact your pharmacy or the manufacturer about returning it for a refund and replacement if applicable.
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The Role of the FDA

The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for the safety of the US citizens in regard to using drugs, medical devices, and food. They do this by testing, inspecting, and recalling dangerous pproducts. The FDA also ensure the manufacturers update their product labels to include all the latest risks and health concerns while using their products. While the FDA doesn’t approve individual supplements for sales, it will test and report on unknown or known ingredients that aren’t included on the labels.

NOTE: This website is not a part of the FDA nor a government agency. We are not affiliated with the FDA in any way. We don’t have a complete listing of all drug recalls. This website focuses on drug recalls and we may post some medical device recalls but definitely not all of the device recalls. For a complete listing of recalls and for imformation on the FDA go to their website at http://www.fda.gov .