The Biggest Drug Recalls of 2011


The Biggest Drug Recalls of 2011

Always be careful when you take your medications. Make sure you talk about it with your doctor or make some research because some of them may worsen the condition or risk your health instead of improving it.

Fortunately, FDA drug recalls exist to keep you safe. In partnership with Department of Health and Human Services, the Food and Drug Association makes sure that pharmaceutical companies abide by its safety standards.

Some of the biggest FDA drug recalls of 2011 are:

Gotu Kola and Bladderwrack freeze dried capsules: Eclectic Institute voluntarily recalled this in December because of possible Salmonella contamination.

Oral contraceptives: Qualitest Pharmaceuticals recalled their birth controls in September because of packaging error. The error in the label may cause product misuse leading to unwanted pregnancy.

Vasopressin Injection: American Regent Incorporated voluntarily recalled this in August because of its reduced effectiveness through time. Vasopressin Injection treats and prevents post-operative abdominal distention.

Tylenol Extra Strength Caplets: McNeil Consumer Healthcare recalled this in July because of its moldy odor. The odor indicates the presence of 2, 4, 6-tribromoanisole chemical. It may cause temporary and non-serious gastrointestinal problems.

Endocet tablets (10 mg, 325 mg): FDA and Endo Pharmaceuticals recalled this in July because a bottle may have tablets of different strengths. This may lead to overdose and liver ailments.

Butalbital, Acetaminophen and Caffeine tablets (50 mg, 325 mg, and 40 mg), and Hydrocodone Bitatrate and Acetaminophen tablets: FDA and Qualitest recalled them in July because a bottle may have the wrong tablets. This may cause patients taking wrong medications.

Risperdal risperidone tablets (3 mg and 2 mg): Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals recalled this in June because of its musty odor indicating a trace of 2, 4, and 6 tribromoanisole. Risperdal treats schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and irritability related to autism.

Pentrexyl Forte Natural: FDA and Phoenix Import Distribution recalled this in May because of misleading packaging. Patients may confuse it as an antibiotic causing delayed treatment to serious illness.

Irinotecan Hydrochloride Injection: APP Pharmaceuticals voluntarily recalled this in May because of possible fungal contamination.

Metronidazole tablets (250 mg): FDA and Teva Pharmaceuticals recalled this in May because its tablets are underweight. Patients may not be getting the prescribed dose with underweight tablets.

Jantoven Warfarin Sodium tablets (3 mg): FDA and Upsher-Smith Laboratories recalled this in May because its actual dosage is higher than what the label says. This may cause drug overdose.

Stop taking any FDA drug recalls mentioned above. If you have one, you may return it to its manufacturer and ask for a refund. You are also encouraged to report any adverse effect related to its consumption to the FDA.

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